The ultimate paint correction studio for people
that love their cars, as much as we love making them shine.

Nothing makes a bolder statement than near-perfect paint, free of swirls and scratches.
From restoring damaged paint, to new-car paint correction, to protecting a vehicle's finish with next-generation systems, we provide the services that produce rich depth and flawless reflections at a great price.

Polishing & Beyond

We offer more than just a basic machine polishing. Proper use of compounds, polishes, and dual-action degrading abrasives can restore most imperfections in damaged paint, or remove the swirls and "love marks" associated with normal wear.

Increased Scratch Resistance

Our ceramic coatings, applied through special processes, increase the hardness and scratch resistance of your paint, making it harder to introduce imperfections into your clear coat with every wash and correction.

Comprehensive Protection

We offer services beyond paint correction and coatings, including window tint, vinyl wraps, and clear bra. Ensure your privacy, customize your vehicle, and protect your paint from rock chips and road debris.

Winter-Weather Preparation

Colorado winters are especially hard on a car's paint, considering the numerous chemicals and gravel particles that stay the roads most months of the year. Our offerings can help prevent damage by sealing your car's exposed surfaces.

Detailing Services

We offer a gamut of specialized services that will help your car look its best, regardless of whether it is a humble daily driver, or an exotic garage queen.

Results You Can See

We have an ever-growing gallery of projects that showcase the difference a single or multi-stage correction can make, with prices that are affordable and value-packed.

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