Durable Paint Coatings

Polymer and Ceramic Coating Systems for Scratch Resistance and Protection

Why Coat Your Vehicle?

Your modern vehicle's finish is composed of several layers. Sitting on top of the metal body panel is primer, a basecoat, and a clearcoat. The clearcoat is the transparent layer that interfaces with the environment, formulated to add extra depth and gloss to the pigment underneath. It is in this layer that swirls and imperfections are introduced, thus it is important to protect your clearcoat by adding an extra layer of protection by means of a vehicle coating. We currently offer two types of coatings that can be applied to your vehicle that increase the scratch resistance of the paint, make cleaning easier, and help weatherproof your car. We are adding even more options in the near future!

Optimum Gloss-Coat

Designed and manufactured by Optimum Polymer Technologies, this advanced polymer system offers scratch, UV, and etch resistance that can be applied to almost every part of your car: in addition to painted surfaces, wheels, trim, and chrome can be protected too. Non-abrasive waxes or sealants may also be applied on top of this coating to deliver maximum shine.

Crystal Serum Light

GTECHNIQ's product offers high dirt and water repellency, while reducing the potential swirls and scratches. It is a high-density ceramic layer that is highly adaptable to extremely high and low temperatures, in addition to offering protection from high and low pH chemicals. Crystal Serum Light offers 3 to 5 years of protection with an incredible gloss.

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