Expert Paint Correction

Swirl, Scratch, Etch, and Hologram Removal for High-Fidelity Paint

Compounding and Polishing

All paint, even paint on new vehicles, contains imperfections. As these imperfections are introduced over time, often by improper washing and drying techniques or by environmental hazards, they begin to take away from the natural brilliance of the paint. It takes an expert with the proper equipment to restore your clearcoat without compromising the thickness of this finite layer. We use Meguiars and Optimum Polymer Technologies compounds and polishes for the best possible end product.

Other Services

In addition to removing scratches, swirls, holograms, etches, random isolated deep scratches (RIDS) from the clearcoat using a combination of compound and polish, we offer other services that help the premium look of your car. This includes professional decal removal, interior detailing, and any custom solution the discriminating customer may demand.

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