Custom Vinyl Wrapping

Bespoke Vinyl Wrapping to Protect and Modify the Look of Your Car

Vehicle Customization

From creating a striking matte-appearance, to cost-effective color change, vinyl wrapping can cover all or part of a vehicle - even providing advertisement or full-sized logos for fleet applications.

Reversible Protection

Vinyl wraps typically last for several years and are an excellent way of protecting an automobile's factory finish, providing very good chip and scratch resistance for paint underneath.

About Vinyl Wrapping

240Vinyl wrapping a vehicle is a popular way of changing color and creating a customized look without having to repaint. It does no permanent damage to the paint underneath and is often utilized to create a striking look - using matte finishes or colors otherwise not available from factory paint. It is important to have an installer that knows what they are doing - it's all too common to see vinyl wrap that is wrinkled or wavy due to improper installation on the complex geometry of modern cars. We use the highest quality wraps from Avery Dennison and 3M to provide years of durability, with the added benefit of protecting the paint underneath. It is also completely reversible - allowing you to change the look of your ride without the complexities and cost associated with painting, and leaving no trace unlike Plasti Dip (Auto Dip), which doesn't offer a high fidelity finish even close to that of vinyl.

Our abilities with vinyl extend beyond that of single-color vehicle customization. We also offer vinyl wrapping for advertisement, fleet vehicles, trucks, and the like. Need to advertise a business? Want a custom logo on your car? Care to have contact information on a company truck? Modify Detail is able to help your business grow through increased presence and a unified advertising campaign. Please contact us for additional questions, and to receive a quote for your project.

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