Premier Window Tinting

SunTek and LLumar Automotive Tint, with Ceramic Films Available

SunTek HP Standard

Window tint helps preserve the interior of your car, add an element of privacy, and can discourage theft of otherwise-obvious belongings. SunTek is our provider of standard window film which helps reject heat and UV rays from the sun. It's an excellent way to enhance the look of a vehicle while providing funtional benefits with a good warranty and competitive price.

LLumar CTX Ceramic

For the more demanding customer, ceramic films offer a superior level of heat rejection. It also provides benefits for communications equipment as it is nonconductive and nonmetallic in nature. As higher VLTs are often used, they are typically geared more towards OEM levels of visibility coupled with superior heat mitigation. Provided by LLumar, these films have a price premium.

Window Tint Pricing Structure

COVERAGE PRICE (SunTek Standard / LLumar Ceramic)
1 Driver/Passenger Window $74.99 / $109.99
2 Front Windows $119.99 / $199.99
Full 2-Door Coupe $219.99 / $469.99
4-Door Sedan $239.99 / $499.99
Wagons and Small SUVs $259.99 / $559.99
A NOTE ON TINT LEGALITY: Tint darkness is described in VLT %, or percentage of visual light transmission. The darker the tint, the lower the percentage of light transmitted through the film. Most states have restrictions on tint darkness, placement, and mirror-like reflectiveness. We can advise you on state laws.

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